hi i'm nora, all of my favourite fictional characters are dead, and i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Panem Today. Panem Tomorrow. Panem Forever.

Today I take the test. I’m scared it’ll tell me I’m not Abnegation; that I have to leave my family. But I’m even more scared that it’ll tell me to stay.

I can’t just turn this on, I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

Fight Club (1999) dir. David Fincher

Fight Club (1999) dir. David Fincher



Take away someone’s fear, or low intelligence, or dishonesty and you take away their compassion. Take away someone’s aggression and you take away their motivation, or their ability to assert themselves. Take away their selfishness and you take away their sense of self-preservation.❞ 

In a city where no law can control the reckless and damaged the fight for survival becomes ruthless and deadly. It is a dog-eat-dog society where the strong form gangs to prevail and the weak are hunted for their food and resources. A battle for territorypower and a sense of community drives the people on but poverty threatens to grind them down at every turn.

A few centuries ago, the government of North America became interested in enforcing certain desirable behaviours in its citizens. There had been studies that indicated that violent tendencies could be partially traced to a person’s genes – a gene called the ‘murder gene’ was the first of these, but there were quite a few more, genetic predispositions towards cowardice, dishonesty, low intelligence – all the qualities, in other words, that ultimately contribute to a broken society.

When the genetic manipulations began to take effect, the alterations had disastrous consequences. The attempt had resulted not in corrected genes, but in damaged ones, causing a civil war between the government and those with damaged genes called the Purity War.

The Fringe is a side effect of this war. The damaged have become outcast and strayed from the sanctuary of the Bureau compound and now live in the overrun cities outside the government’s influence because there, there’s a chance that if you die, someone will care.

We're the fricking Guardians of the Galaxy!

B E L L A R K E | a  s e r i e s ¬ 1x07 part 2 (inspired by x)

Though no man, no matter how great, can know his destiny; some lives have been foretold, Merlin. Arthur is not just a king, he is the Once and Future King. Take heart, for when Albion's need is greatest, Arthur will rise again. It has been a privilege to have known you, young warlock. The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.

I’m not fearless. I’m terrified. I’m always terrified of dying. I act like I know what I’m doing but I don’t. I don’t know if Isaac Is dying right now…if I made a mistake with Scott. I don’t know what my dad is thinking. I don’t know if we should trust Derek. I don’t know anything.

“Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.”
Gillian Flynn

oh darlin, I was blind to let you go
let you go, baby

but now since I see you in his arms
I want you back

Me and Miles became quite good friends since we met and we kind of had that friendship before it occurred to us to do an album together. But people used to say “Oh, when you two do your record…”
-Alex Turner, The Last Shadow Puppets (x)

Me and Miles became quite good friends since we met and we kind of had that friendship before it occurred to us to do an album together. But people used to say “Oh, when you two do your record…”

-Alex Turner, The Last Shadow Puppets (x)


about the patient;

eleanor, eighteen, west midlands (UK). literature enthusiast. enfp. likes poetry, tattoos, 80’s movies, metaphors about stars, winged eyeliner, chamomile tea, john green and foxes. + more (1;2

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ain’t nobody fuckin’ with my clique;

▪ ellie, the girl who drew gnomes in my margins. 
lottie, twin of my mind; i miss you.
meg, the bravest of them all.

words have the power to change us;

❝As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I’ll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I’ll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can.❞  ― John Muir

yes, i am the real slim shady, no, i am not doing autographs